Theatre for social justice has been something that Addison has been passionate about for quite some time.

It began when she participated in the San Francisco Project her freshman year of high school. In the San Francisco project we took journal entries from hospitalized youths at USF hospital and turned them into performance pieces. We then flew down to San Francisco and performed them in front of doctors, nurses, and the families of the patients. Our goal was to show this group of people inside the minds of these hospitalized children in order to evoke empathy and hopefully change the way they treat these individuals. We had so much success with this project that they asked us to come back each year for the rest of my time in high school. 

When she came to college she knew she wanted to continue her work with theatre for social justice so she joined the club Cross the Line. This is Chapman University's devising theatre for social justice club. She has been a member of this club since freshman year and she has been president of the club for the past two years. Addison helped facility The Ghostlight Project at Chapman University last year (blog link) and she is now directing a devised piece on sexual assault. Each of the projects we do serve as a fundraiser as well with all the proceeds going to different organizations. Addison is proud to be partnering with Planned Parenthood for the piece on sexual assault.